Friday, February 13, 2009

Woot she said out my name in radio ~

Listen to , you can open it with windows media player.
Just now around 3pm-6pm I bump into her thread, and I tease her if she is the real DJ in the radio I'm listening. After awhile, she give Q section to her fellow readers in her thread.

The Question:
one day u go shopping with lots of friends... then u realise got one shirt very old style.. but ur friend take it out n tell u..." hey this is nice, wat do u think"

My answer:
What’s old for me, might be new to another person, some people are slowpoke at fashion, so I can't say you are old fashion, but instead if he/she like it very much I will not discourage him/her from buying/wearing it. We can't assume everyone have a same mind of thoughts.

Then she read it up as well as saying up my name :D zOMG. Luv this game

Who is she? hows she look? Click her blog here

Next section she will be on next Monday, 3-6pm. It's fun :D

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