Sunday, February 24, 2008

My 1st attempt

Feel bored at home, so my hand get itchy and create this low quality stick figure short video clip haha, seriously I simply make this, Im sure I can do better than this 100x haha.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

JPJ Test (Anda telah Lulus)

^*$%^*%*%*( I don't know how to express my feeling *&__*( this the best day of my life, also today is ChaP GoH MeH, double happiness today. 1st of all I want thanks God for giving me confidence that I can do it and I want thanks to all my friends whom giving me good luck and support me. Without them, I don't think I can do it. Heck, I want thanks to Mr.Ngu my formal Science teacher and also my driving tutor. He has teaching me more than 12hours and not overcharge for it. He is the best teacher after all, tats mean I pick the best tutor. Thanks to my family for supporting me to the end. :D hahaha Thanks every1 !!!!! btw my jpj marks 17/20. Kidda good for a kid like me whom always nervous :D lol

Monday, February 18, 2008

First day of School [Form 6]

awwww no more gaming like madman anymore, gezzz neeed to sleep earlier again and wake up early in the morning around 5.45am coz need in time to school b4 6.50am. Lame lame I hate my time been control for this..waaa headache..I need to get used to it 1st so I won't feel tired :X

Going to hall and listen to the talks bla..bla..bla about muet and pengajian am. hear till wan to pee..zZzzz I hate listening coz its boring maybe I'm sleepy

All subject freaking hard, as u know, the teachers all say need memorize tat n this ..walaaoo how to score the exam like tat T_T . Shit ^&%^*$^*$^*%(* I hate it damnit

no pics coz stupid streamyx lag all day long =.=

Thursday, February 14, 2008

PCDVD [Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare]

Very short campaign single player. Just play 4-5 hours already done the single player mode. I try to join the multiplayer but my keycode is either blacklisted or been hijacked. haiz I though this game can go for a days but finish within a day ...sienz no much games to play liao... I rate this 10/10 for this game, Seriously even u r newbie or noob in shooting games, this game giv the best gameplay coz alot autosave in quest mode

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PCDVD [BioShock]

This game goosebump me hella many times, this is the only game I cant continue playing it coz really scary ya' know. I will play it when I got good mood or else I will get heart failure lol. I no yet finish this game therefore I will not rate it 1st till I finish it. Maybe coz of the undead corpse and the sound of whispering around the corner make u feel their existing but actually they are not. Sometimes,they poop out in nowhere to giv a good face2face with I hate tat situation the most.
This game graphic is hella uber cool, but I only able to play it in medium setting coz high setting will make my it hang then screen turn black =.=
The Most creepy shooting game I ever play in my life, even Half-Life not that creep.

PCDVD [Fable - The Lost Chapters]

Ya I know its an old games but heck last time I can't play coz don't hav gud graphic card.
This game get 9.5/10 , -0.5 coz the skill slots are troublesome to use. I play this game with gamefaq guide or else I will quite confuse in the quest and the finding of silver key hehe :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jokes of the week







Hong Kong


Driff ,I lol'ed hard at Indonesia haha

Feb Wallpaper

Like it :)

I change my wallpaper monthly so I will no get bored easily when start up my computer.

I get from this site

Saturday, February 09, 2008

PCDVD [Titan Quest]

Luv this game very much,feel nostalgia when playing this kind of games coz its bring back my memory when playing diablo.
This game come with expansion Immortal Throne. many updates though, I give 8/10 for this game -2 because the skill doesn't show much graphic effects.

PCDVD [Indigo Prophecy]

Nice game though, the gameplay is fun and interactive similar to Sim 1 we play in our old days. No quite hard, the game focus on the story, so most of the time you are walking here and there to get somethings or talking with someone else, after that you can watch the video of the continuously story. I rate it 10/10 excellent game.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy CNY (Day 2)

Today still wake up early in the morning around 6am to get ready to set off to go to the Sarikei location. My father drove my sis, sis’s bf, bro, mom and me myself. So the back sit total of 4 person..awww feel uncomfortable but need to get through it coz afterall one shall not be selfish to de another. Around 1 hour + from Sibu to Sarikei, went to my aunties house and collecting some ang pao, I miss my another aunt hu used to stay in Sarikei but their whole family move to Kuching. Feel nostalgia when going visiting. Coz every year we visit

Upon reaching home, I got 4 ang pao hahaha…don’t think 4 are few coz my aunt in Sarikei always put big big $$$ :P

Happy CNY (Day 1)

1st Day of CNY, wake up early in the morning to attend the church. After back from church, feel like weak and no motivation to go for collecting Ang Pao, so continue my sleep till my friend call me to come over my house to steal ang pao… haha and they bring 6 peoples, but o coz it is my friends from 5A class 2007. Its bring back the sweet memory for me as it has been 2 months since we hav gathering.

After my friend come over, and they invite me to join their Collecting Ang Pao Expedition..XD tsk..tsk..joke. It was fun and adventure bcoz we raid ppls house lol. I go into my friend house and he show us his damn big house with 3 floor, man the 3rd floor was so good and cooling…wish I got tat floor even though my 3rd floor is above the roof top haha..

The last house we visited is our math teacher, we are like from one end to the other end. Actually our group consist of 9ppls and 3 cars after more n more ppl join us. Damn paiseh go ppl house without proper greeting but rush to the toilet coz cant hold anymore haha…man..luckily the house got 3 toilets or else we pee in our pants hahaha.

Then my friend fetch me home, feel more motivate to hav a 2nd day of ang pao expedition…ahaha

Picture of my ang pao that I collected in Day 1

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My 2008 Gadgets

This GC(graphic card) cost RM390 after the bargain, original price or market price for this baby GC is RM445.
Thanks to my brother at KL bough it for me :D luv it so much oh yeah.

My Setup

muahaha can play Bioshock,Rome Total War, Titan Quest, Warhammer with high resolution XD

Form 6 (SMK METHODIST,SIBU) Namelist