Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Skills and knowledge, both equally important

Frankly, I mean why do people always don’t believe I studying accounting and leadership but not photography or computer or cooking. Well, my answers always stay the same, these are my interests and my skills, and these don’t teach me anything about money. I won’t go far if I don’t take accounting, I mean, you have to master your money before you can make profit. As for leadership, it’s gave me the knowledge I always wanted, which is about how a successful organization made of, and to sustain in a competitive world today.

Some people might not know, but in accounting world, avoiding cost or get discount is a profit. If you want to make full use of your money, try budgeting yourself as tight as possible and you will see how much you can save at the end of the month.

There are significant differences when you hold lots of cash and few cash. As for myself, I have tried it before. If I hold less cash, I mostly think how I can make more from it, or what should I do to maximize it. It is always that moment I am eager to sell my skills for money, make use of surroundings and become more creative to cut cost as much as possible.

During my secondary school, I can turn 20 pages project become RM60, 9 pages for RM30, 1 drawing for RM6, and 3 months of my gaming skills can turn into RM350. The most expensive project I ever sold out to my classmates was RM90. Including numbers of DVD copies I sold during my last 3 years in secondary sch. So you might have questions how is the price set and who do I find. Well, when I have insufficient cash, I am totally feel differences of myself, it motivate me to sell myself. For customers, I always analyze and categories them, and I always sell to big wallet people. Whereas, the price is set by me, and I am strictly on my offer, I always tell them deal or no deal, therefore no negotiation was took place. From my previous earning record from online gaming, I earned USD35 per day continuously for 18 days, tats like RM120 per day. With that amount of money, I bought nearly RM600 of gaming gears, RM200 for my brother birthday gifts, RM1,200 for my Nokia mobile phone :) and lastly treats my friends to buffet to celebrate :D It gives me a great feeling when I used my own earned money to spend.

Even now, I always hold less than RM50 cash, sometimes not even RM10, if I have more than RM50, I always hide it somewhere I can’t see it. This is because the more I hold, there’s tendency I will spend it. I believe human mind is vulnerable, either you get persuade to spend or you see something and you get amaze by it, you will spend on it. That’s why credit card is not advisable to get if you can’t control your greed and lust because you will end up dying as a slave to money AND that’s not going to be you or me.