Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy CNY (Day 2)

Today still wake up early in the morning around 6am to get ready to set off to go to the Sarikei location. My father drove my sis, sis’s bf, bro, mom and me myself. So the back sit total of 4 person..awww feel uncomfortable but need to get through it coz afterall one shall not be selfish to de another. Around 1 hour + from Sibu to Sarikei, went to my aunties house and collecting some ang pao, I miss my another aunt hu used to stay in Sarikei but their whole family move to Kuching. Feel nostalgia when going visiting. Coz every year we visit

Upon reaching home, I got 4 ang pao hahaha…don’t think 4 are few coz my aunt in Sarikei always put big big $$$ :P

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Daniel Yiek said...

Checkout Sarikei website at

Pls forward to all Sarikei friends