Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bebas Dadah = Free Drugs Campaign

Hi there, this morning I have my usual class until my lecturer told us that the next hour we all going to have blood test run and survey. At first, I was like hmmm… that’s ok I will just walk away different direction. Unfortunately, when the person-in-charge enters the Lecture Hall, he was not alone; he came with 5 people to secure the exit door from students who try to escape.

Stage 1: Survey

Stage 2: Urine Test

Anyway, I can’t do anything but to follow the officer since they are so serious about it.. man… I can’t believe they even use the ‘security tape’ to make sure the students did not walk away from the building. I felt like been a criminal in a night club where people take ecstasy pill and then number of police officers raid the party and everyone have to take off their undergarment to do drug test.

Actually, it was not a bad day for me because I have ‘eat-all-u-can’ here since there is a lots of food supply. It’s a nice food such as egg sandwich, nasi lemak and soya drinks to compensate our time, effort, and honesty for their survey.

At the end of the test, you get a free manicure with special printed logo of Ministry of higher education on the casing.

p.s: the title is a joke after direct translation from google translate.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The most expensive coffee in the world

Hello readers, its has been a month since my last post, last week I bump into a thread selling “Kopi Luwak”. At first, I have no idea what it’s called by that name. After a few googling, I found out that it came from the animal called civet or “luwak” in malay. To my surprise, the civet eats the beans and passing through civet’s intestines and lastly poop it out, later the farmer collect the poop and start processing it to the final product. Yes, u heard it “poop” and you will probably “ewwww” about it before wanted to drink it and some people rather to pay other people to drink it when I ask some of my online buddies.
I don’t think twice when I confirm my order for 25g of civet coffee/kopi luwat because I like to try new thing and discover more new taste as long it is consumable to human.

Beside from poop, it is also the most expensive coffee in the world. Ever wondering how much for a cup of cat’s poop drink? As much as I concern, it is 50 euro!!, will u go starbuck and drink the world most expensive coffee for 50euro equivalent to RM223?? XD

Today I received my civet coffee and I filter it in the cheapest way. Yea! through my handkerchief..hey it was clean and haven't used it since few years..

I cant really comment about the smell and taste because I cant find a right word to describe it but its really taste different from any other coffee.