Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harry Potter

Today my friend K.han and me go watch Harry Potter at King Theater Cinema. The duration of the movie last for more than 2 hours. There's one part of the movie where the crowd in the cinema hall were all concentrate what harry potter doing then one of the viewer got shock and scream when the spooky zombie appear in split second where we don't expect it to be. Overall, its worth to watch it if u don't like to read books.

End with McD burger nom nom noom......

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nom nom nom nom ~Monday~

My Aunt's birthday last friday. I'm happy I can celebrate with her since her birthday fall on my holiday break. She is 62 years old ady and she still a strong women with a strong characteristic.

Sup guys, this morning my naughty friend mr.timothy bring me out for breakfast..say no money but go order many snacks.
We went to Tea House nearby our previous school SMK Methodist. While we waiting for the foods we play black and white (5 in a row).
So lucky to win him at 1st game then he beat me 4 times but I win again at the end.

Apple Green Tea
as long it is sweet, i wont mind

Steam Biskut
not nice, too salty

Fried HotDog
so-so quality hotdog.. if only it was ayamas hotdog

Extremely delicious coz it is soft n fresh

Fried Yam
kind of tasteless except the salad cream and crispy coat

and lastly noodle with salad cream..
lol 1st time I eat it and actually taste weird.. I feel something wrong.. its like u buy a kampua + salad cream

Overall, I juz like the potato the most..
There was no costumer entering the premise from 9am to 10am.. if only they replace the chilis sauce with mayonnaise then it will be better.