Monday, September 06, 2010

Badminton racquet's

My friend Han bought a new badminton racquet last week. It cost him RM220+ include grip and string. (li ning HC1000A, Yonex BG65 titanium). He is so crazy with his obsession to the badminton sports. Keep bugging me for few days about the stencil ink. To be true, even yonex distributor in Malaysia doesn’t sell it and only can get in Singapore or UK/US.

Before the yonex stencil ink

After the ink

But that doesn’t stop my friend’s persistent. Moreover, he told me that badminton racquet is like a life to him. Luckily I came out with an idea by replacing the stencil ink with permanent marker. Lolz.. I don’t know it will shorten the life span of the string but as long he is happy, I will be glad.