Thursday, August 12, 2010

What the Fish!?!

So today is 13th and 15th of August will be a farewell day to Sibu and Welcome back to Kuching again. Before leaving Sibu, we had our last meal together in café-café again, we order the usual food which was delicious, the best mee mamak and side dish.

Plum sauce chicken

Mushroom soup

Ice Cream ,Cafe-Cafe
Mango Ice cream

After that we go catch fish, or tadpole because I myself can’t differential it. But 1 thing I know, we look stupid with dustpan and big scissor to catch fishes.
WTF are they holding?

Do you know dustpan can use for this too?

This what we do next..
more spot to catch haha..but mostly all small size only.

filter the fish out from the water. so that we can transfer them into new water. I know its look kinda fail lolz. no offense to fish lover.
closer view lolz.

yea new home, but sadly some dead in the filter process.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taman Rimba Bukit Lima

The entrance taken from inside

Welcome board

This morning my father and I went out to the reserve forest park located in Sibu. It is difficult to reach as there no much signboard but somehow we manage to find it. Most of the people went there to exercise coz you can feel and breathe the nature surrounding, what can you expect from forest?

Well, when I keep moving on, I kind of feel like finish the track for once without questioning myself how far it is. As I keep moving, I can feel it is never end, there’s no arrow pointing, but luckily theres number mark on the wood. Unfortunately, it is mark how far have you walk, not how far before you reach the exit. Anyway it is a good exercise for my legs after sitting at home for so long. I finish the track and I can assume it is 6km.

A long journey

along the way

Trying to do macro shot

Rainbow on the bottom haha :D theres no editing in this pic except saturation color.

Global warming!!

more pictures click here

Monday, August 09, 2010

Another day of my life

So the wait for the bag have ended, been waiting for a week, every email that I request for a simple thing, they keep reply me “we will do our best”. All I want to ask is tracking number, nothing else and they can’t answer my simple request due to the fact that it is supplier who sends it to me, not the seller.

front view

view from the top

the comfortable straps

Human do mistake, so do my seller who have some kind of “mistake” which she suppose to send out my parcel on Monday but delay till Thursday. What I want to say is that we can’t expect anything to be arrived on time, and we need lots of patient to deal with robot’s reply.

During the evening time, Kuok Han and I go find some mee mamak to eat but sadly none of the restaurant we went open at 2pm. However that didn’t stop our hunger for food, so we go to supermarket and buy some uncooked food to be cook.

Nowadays, it is easy to make a cake with this

using 1/3 of the mixed flour. thats y its look very thin.

Hot and Spicy chickenz

So, today Kuok Han and I do cooking in the kitchen. We have fried chickens, friend fries, and coffee cake. All for less than RM20. Enjoice very much.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The impact of Iphone

Iphone, What the worse thing about it is that you can see the haters all around the forum nowadays.

What the iphone user said:

-when you want to book a table in a fancy restaurant, you can book it thru your iPhone.
-when you want to check in your flight, you can check in using you iPhone.
-when you want to read a magazine, you can read em thru your iPhone.
-the possibilities are endless with the iPhone capabilities.
-iPhone is thruly a winrar phone. have you gotten your iPhone today?
-the android platform is an imitation of the apple's. apple is the leader who leads the innovation, others are all just followers.
-iPhone is for educated people who appreciate good stuff in life. If u always careless, don't bother.

-I seriously don't get the appeal of blackberries (in the consumer space). They are OUTCLASSED by everything from iphone/Andriod/Palm. I get it, with the business space (security, work issued, mandatory etc). But I know A LOT of people that have them as personal phones. I'd say more than half of status updates are tagged from a blackberry. And I have no idea why.

-I think they sell for two reasons, A) Ignorant non professional folks who THINK that by having a blackberry makes them look grown up and PROFESSIONAL. B) Those same non professional people who crave to look professional are on a shoe string budget and like the idea of free messaging with BBM.

-Oh yeah, you're a BB user aren't you? You can throw that piece of crap out of your window now.

What the haters said about it:

-android phones also can.

Yeah, it is to say iphone is superior gadget, with the saying goes ”There's an app for that too”. The question is will you hoop into bandwagon also.