Monday, April 10, 2006

¤~¤Today is a lame day¤~¤

today had a bad day coz i didnt study for the 3 exam i encounter ..haiz..the class is getting more noisy since we all very known each others...wat to do..alot of my teacher seen so stressful everything entering my form teacher say the best solution is transfer some of the student to other class so the teacher easier to teach us..guess wat my class got 47 student and my HM say our class break the school record for having the most student...I am taking Art stream, although i sux at art but I ned to get use wif it..haiz ....this is just a beginning of life yet i few so tired and stressfull ... :C

Edit: Since this is my first post, I will like to inform that this blog is called one life, live it. The reasons I use this words because we,human only got 1 life and even though we make mistake in life or sinful acts, we need to forgive and confess ur sins to GOD...clean your soul... We must love people, not make enemy. Be grateful for what you have now... say what you want to say before its too late...write what you want to share before its too late... time is counting,life is short... think happy... because we got 1 life to live and others as well.

I'm a dreamer, my mind full of imagination, I can recall my past and sometimes I can see other side of me(my future).I may not be a good writer because some of the post come directly from my heart,my mind and I write directly without checking it hehe =)