Saturday, May 15, 2010

7 Sins- control or be manipulated

Sometimes I told myself, is the moment I waiting for or it was just too good to be true. Last week, got two person who added me in WLM (Windows live messenger) to talk on buying my virtual items in one of the popular game.

They offer for USD1000, well that’s mean a lot for me. Then I counter offer USD1200 and they accept my offer. Ok, that’s the deal but when comes to give and take. The anonymous guy tries to convince, all effort to persuade to do give first. Well when it comes to money, I know by nature greed will lead the way. Anyway this is mental situation, if you are weak and let it absorb what the anonymous try to tell you to do.. it is as you are completely blackout/manipulated. I know my business principle, money clear first then only proceed. If no money.. that’s the end of our conversation.. all talks are just a words that full of lies. If you are serious buyer, you should take the risk and respect my principle or leave it. I don’t think anything personal.. if the person try to say his personal experience or anything that unrelated rather than just shut up and start paying.. he just wasting his and my time. Therefore, there’s no reason for me to proceed to trade with such person. I don’t care if he giving his handphone no, home address or what so ever, because this is old trick to gain fake trust.

He can be a smart scammer but he forgets one thing about me, I’m once a scammer and that won’t make me fall into my own old trap. Too bad for him, he wasting his time to think of something new to lure me to give up my possession to him while he forget who am I. So I just wanna share this to all of you that never ever let greed control over you.. because it will blind you.

I remember that people like to use 7 sins to control us. It is also a weak point of human being. But if you notice it early, you will be a stronger person in term of mental and physical.

1. Pride
2. Envy
3. Gluttony
4. Lust
5. Anger
6. Greed
7. Sloth

These 7 sins are very important as people tend to take advantage on us based on that.

Prime and Telephoto Lens

This battery is rechargeable for over 1000x cycle. Believe to be low discharge battery when unused for several months. Just remember the name "eneloop"

Got it today. The Prime lens 50mm F/1.8 II, Good for candid shot and potrait since it is fast lens at it length. High apenture as f/1.8 will create a beautiful bokeh(blur) background when shot at distance.

My Prime lens and my telephoto lens. Can't wait for my upcoming parcel to make both lens looks more even longer..nah actually it is lens hood attach on top of it to prevent glare to the photo.

Wassup guys, this morning I got morning call around 8.50am that my 2nd lens arrived :D, the most popular lens for a beginner and also budgeted lens for portrait and act as fast lens to freeze moving object… quite happy to own this fast lens even though the built quality is plastic.. I won’t mind as long the 3 years warranty will cover it :D hahaha.

Haiz, I’m very disappointed with the canon 550D stock availability. I had call 5 shops in west Malaysia and emails more than 3 shops… all same reply no stock until next week.. one of the shop reply me that the next batch are all fully book… walao make me sad and happy, sad coz have less chance to get it and happy cause the camera I aim is indeed hot sales and popular as in demand in the market.

Anyway I still got 2 boxes that are MIA as there’s no latest update whereabouts since 12 May, so I go check with pos laju center and they told me it still in KL… wth.. order since Tuesday and till today still in KL… this is the downside of using post registered instead of pos laju courier service.. but as long I haven’t get the camera, I don’t mind to wait for a while. Since my seller give me big discount and FOC for the shipping.. I should be glad to save around RM100+ for a bulky parcel (contained tripod 60cm, DSLR bag,flashgun…filters). Man..I so often going to Pos laju office (like twice a week) until I don't need my IC or watever to take the parcel..unlike last time I need to show them my I.C

Ok there's all for today.. now I goin concentrate my revision for monday exam :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Day of DSLR

Please C&C, taken and edit by Calvin and me.

Lastly, HDR effect, if u compare to the above pic.. u will notice the differences