Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why people can’t get along?

This question pop out my mind when I chatting with my foreigner friends who have been very good friend of mine. We can chat all day long with any topics, we share our sweats and tears and we counsel each other with all experience we had gone through. No conflict can make us apart, we becoming stronger person every time we shared our problem and listen to those who experienced it before. Even though I didn’t see any of their photos at the beginning but now, I can imagine how pretty is that person to be able to stand up for people and not just for them. Even at this moment after spent 7 months together, she can read my mind by guessing it correct. For example, I said I so happy today… and she guesses the reason correctly and almost everything she can guess it right. From there I learnt that we are contacting from heart to heart from soul to another soul.

The problems with the people in this era are incurable. They come by lust and selfishness in them. What they see is not the problem but what conclusion they made in their mind is the biggest problem. For example, someone perform a very good talent in their videos and there’s ignorant brags curse the person for having no life or posting unmotivated comment after seeing their appearance.

People who uploaded their talent in YouTube were not just for show off but to improve themselves from the comments of viewers. From there, they can get better and success in their career while enjoying in what they doing.

We human are very screwed up; first impression is the most important thing in life. Let me give you the situation that will prove what I trying to say here. First situation, If you see the ugliest person (in your point of view) in front of you, will upfront yourself talking to him/her like how you talk with other people beside him? . Second situation, you are very depress after your activities or works and you want to find someone to chat and you happen to have a very good buddy who always happen to advise you and give you motivation in life and both of you spent good time together. By the time you see his/her in person, you found his/her appearance kinda disappointed you, and will you continue to friend with that person? Will you easily throw away your bond just for your lust? Will you let your selfishness overpower your heart and mind?

Please wake up, this world is not about you but about people around you, without people around you, how you be able to be recognized, and gain fame?

By the time you find someone appearance are bothering you, you lose your dignity and gain something called “eye sore”. That reason you get that kind of thoughts because of your mind “first impression” and the rest are undefined until you make your approach.

I believe we are just a soul in our body, by the time we make friend with another people; we are actually contact with another soul. Imagine you are in the dark room, where you can’t see anyone but able to hear voices, and from there you converse so confidently without knowing how they look like. By the time you knowing their appearance disgrace or depress you, you put a borderline in your converse because you don’t want a further relationship with that particular person.

What conclusion can you make after reading what I wrote above?

It’s all about mind control. We had been brainwashed by lots of people and media we seeing every day such as Television, newspapers and Internet. So for now, let our heart do the talking. Let’s stand by our own feet and live for a better future by treating everyone the same as others.

Saturday, October 24, 2009 1st unboxing video XD and Windows 7 Ultimate

Hi guys, I know this sound stupid but I made my own unboxing video for my Samsung Story Station 1TB external HDD XD.

Genuine hahahaha XD (actually it is cracked version), can run windows update so no worry.

This is what I want to share which windows vista don't have, the endless changing desktop wallpaper. Its so cool that you will not be bored looking at your desktop screen.

Look how nice is the wallpaper? vista can't do that unless installed directx 11.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Task Complete :)

Thanks goodness I have done my task, web design :)

I’m quite happy after finish my task because its improve a lot than my previous foundation year web design task. I’m using adobe dreamweaver cs3 and photoshop cs3 to create and design web page and use google and youtube as my tutorial guide. It took me 4 days to finish it...

My foundation/freshmen year web design :
Task: Create a website for a cinema

My accounting degree year 1 sems 2 web design :
Task: Create an university website

Anyway.. I have to sleep early for my Excel Lab test at evening.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Apple Product Line

Apple ipod nano, Iphone and Ipod Touch marketing strategies.

Recently Apple release Ipod touch 32gb and 64gb model with extra features that didn’t include in the 8gb. If you do some research in google search about the latest ipod touch released, most of the internet user or apple’s customers will argue about the ipod touch still didn’t include the camera whereas the ipod nano had it implemented.

Let’s think in three dimensions. Ipod nano was not famous than ipod touch because of the price range. Most people who can afford ipod nano will fork out few money or wait for their salary to get ipod touch. You know iphone its expensive as 3x the price of ipod touch.

Ipod nano=portability and target for outgoing person
Ipod touch= apple itself label ipod touch as “game machine” and mainly target teenagers
iphone= music player + smart phone, target anyone who can afford to buy..its a great gadget afterall.

Let’s talk about it, why apple include camera that can capture video in ipod nano and not ipod touch? It’s simple logic for a business, if you have a product that can’t much sales as other products then you have to do something about it. So apple include camera in ipod nano, looks how many people bought it since released? I bet its more than you can imagine. Imagine if the camera implemented in ipod touch, then ipod nano will stay low in sales and apple have to stop reproduce in short time since demand=profit. Not just ipod nano will drop in sales, even iphone can be affected by it.

Remember the price range.
Well I will use Malaysia currency to explain it.
Below RM700 = ipod nano
RM700-RM1600= ipod touch 8gb,32gb,64gb
RM2300 and more = iphone3gs

Basically for normal income group, they prefer to own a look alike iphone because iphone too expensive to own for non-working people. But for the sake of camera and 2x speed of processor and more features.. they go diet for iphone. But if only Apple implemented a camera in the ipod touch, can you imagine how high is the sales for the ipod touch? I bet it can rise higher than iphone3gs and ipod nano.
Apple has good marketing strategies.

Think of your own business situation.. if Apple ask you what should they do to maintain their product line of ipod in their next upgrade. Will you ever want to implemented camera in ipod touch? Can you foresee what will happen to iphone and ipod nano sales ??

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hell Week

Disaster week!, Organisation and Management’s web design assignment, Financial information system’s QuickBooks assignment, Business Information system midterm test, and Business Information system Lab test.

All happen this week. Wednesday submit my web, the same day I have my BIS test.. yet I haven’t even revise it and this coming Saturday lab test also no yet revise. FIS assignment due on next Monday and I have difficulty in understanding the uses in QuickBooks software. I hate this hell week and I hope I can do well.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

What does friend means to you?

What does friend means to you?

To me, friend is like another person who has their own goal and way of life in themselves. They are not tools that we used for our own desires. We don’t have to believe in them as we depend on someone. Why? Because they are human, and human have their own emotion and perspective in life and you can’t denied that unless you can’t understand yourself.

You can’t change them even if you dislike their behaviour and attitude but to accept it. But what if they did something that get into your nerves? You scold them, and then break the friendship that you build up all the while? Maybe they really get into your nerve most of the time and you wish they never exist at the first place. Or we can maintain our friendship by looking at their positive side rather than their negative side. I always know human are so easy to be manipulate, most of the time when they get moody, they only remember what your weakness and blame you for what you not good at instead of what you capable to do. What does friendship means to you? Does that even cross your mind? What if the person you going to break up is the person who care about you the most and your thoughts keep killing your bond because of what you see in their weakness and not what they can do when you need them?

Don’t even tell me you can live without a friend, without a friend, you lose everything, you will never know what you are, you will never recall your own name, you will never know what you capable of, you will never know you are exist in this world. It may sound ridiculous, but it’s true.

What a shame human race we living in, most of the time people tend to find a good looking person or talent people to friend with. What are these people? Egoistic ? How can you make such conclusion? Do you know how long does it take to know someone and they start to share their REAL feeling and problem to you? For me, it took me at least a year. Be aware of that, most people are faking their inner self and express themselves in another way to tell you different story.

When do you label a person as your friend? You don’t abuse the word itself, if you did, you will have hard time to differentiate your trustiness.

You don’t tell your friends what they must do and don’t. But you tell them what are right and wrong to you. If you told them do and don’t, you already make an indirect insult to their stance.

If you can’t maintain the bonds, how can you even get a business partner? What worst, a spouse!

A real friend, they don’t come to you, and you only to voice out, here they are. If they don’t, you yourself aren’t good enough to call them your friend.