Friday, April 24, 2009

What I bought today!

Today Lea Centre start half price discount for all its products and Parkson 5x points. But I don't have much to buy since it is not an electrical gadgets lol. Anyway today I got myself a RHB Debit Mastercard, its expensive for per annual fee which is RM15 but anyway it is important for me because I need it to verify my USD paypal account and purchase goods with cash rebate anywhere :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wats up!

Heya readers, tomorrow I will have my midterm examination papers… Microeconomics and Marketing concepts :) then same day at night I will ride bus to Sibu hahaha.. I miss my home, my family >.< and not to forget my friends #%%^# n n n the delicious foooooods…waa too tempting.. must concentrate on my revision now b4 can enjoy all these good things :[

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crazy Nite

What a craze, last nite 7.30+pm till 12.30+am playing Left4Dead in Cozee then we went to McD open 24hour inside Airport for midnight supper. Actually I have been fast for the whole day 24 hours since Good Friday, only drinking plain water, no sweet or solid foods :)

sori timothy can't play with you, coz I really do revision that time =X

Big Mac Set and Apple Pie @ RM13.++
Big Mac Burger Yummy... :D
apple pie taste so fresh... Iuv it to the max, I wan to try banana favor but no more :(
Get another burger McDeluxe spicy @ RM8

Suddenly group of police guard come over wth?

Overall, very full after eating 2 whole burgers and 1 cup of pepsi refill XD

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Its a holiday day as well as holy day for all of us to pray for Jesus. I will not talk much about religion here :X

I just want to say I love you Jesus!

My random poem:

Thanks my Lord,
to be my guardian,

You clean my sins,
for what I done,

You clear my mind,
For what it disturb,

You give me a healthy body,
to continue my happy life,

You be there for me when I need an answer,
You be there for me when I need you the most,

Today is good friday,
and I will devoted myself to pray for you, my Lord.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Birthday my friend!!

I want to wish my friend happy birthday... met him since Form 4 until now we still in contact even he didn't follow me to study here @ Kuching. I wish him to do the well in his Form 6 STPM examination this year!!

What a gift from T.T. to L.K.H LOL , nah !wth!

I can't celebrate with him since I'm in Kuching while he in Sibu, I will treat him many foods once I coming to back to Sibu next friday :D

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Enjoyable Nites

Last 2 days, went to Permata Carpark for PC fair @ Kuching, it’s the 1st day of PC fair and usually it full of crowds looking at the models and sales gals who promote the products by wearing cosplay suit XD like one of the student from Swinburne wearing nurse suit promoting Kingsoft AV.
Ok I went there just to get 2 things, Dell S2409W and 2GB ram, I went around the area and only found 2 Dell booths and turn up they don’t have stock ready for this monitor. Sad yea, I have to find somewhere else in internet for online purchasing again XD
I can’t believe the Cooler Master Infinite 4 ports I bought through online for RM105 but here RM115, G15 Keyboard for RM295 but here RM399 and lastly my Mx518 gaming mouse for RM85 but here RM99… so I guess PC Fair have a high mark up price to fool those customers who didn’t do much survey before buying there.
Last night went to Cozee Cyber cafe and play for 7 hours straight, 3 of us playing multiplayer game called Left 4 Dead :D , best game ever for multiplayer

Didn't realize cozee actually opened by my friend's brother-in-law

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Scenery shots

Long time didn’t manage to update my blog because many others thing to do :( , Today, my friend Andy do marketing presentation n luckily the lecturer didn’t stop him but giv him an applause. After that we went to the top floor of my old block uni to have our own private room to do our assignments. In the mean time I take few photos of scenery.

Blue color building is police station

The Spring beside Police Station