Monday, October 11, 2010

Does culture affect us?

Often, when I login into my facebook, I see lots of my friends express displeasure on their assignments and exams due to time constraint or uncooperative team members. It is understandable because I myself have been gone through those tough times.

I believe it is my country that screws up the education teaching styles. Thinking back, I can lay back during the primary and secondary school. But now, university is totally reverse from what I experience back then.

I finally understand a bit why some local students went abroad for future studies rather than doing it locally. Malaysia culture can affect us mentally and physically, which is on the disadvantage side. Why culture so important? Because we grown by how we brought up and not to forget school is our second home where we spend hours on it. Ever wonder why some people like to take work home? According to au news, generation Y is the cause; further read :

Living in slow pace country really suffers us in the future. It is better not to follow them but it is difficult to change too.. However it is possible as long we know what best for us.