Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0 Movie Review

As a Malaysian, we all knew the incidents about Namewee who uploaded Negarakuku music video in youtube. Today he successfully making a Movie that he claimed to deliver a unity message to Malaysian.

So I did watch the Nasi Lemak 2.0 in cinema and I find few hidden messages inside the movie content.

-national car is unreliable, especially window n door problems
-Malaysia’s internet service provider (Streamyx) is not stable, and can’t make a decent for video call
-TNB always blackout of nowhere and it’s never get fixed
-Police doesn't solve citizen problems
-Malaysia have no minimum wages
-Municipal Council always issue summons based on race.
-The market value for local and overseas graduates has been spoiled by foreigners
-Scholars having good results have to get loan to study overseas

Some jokes are pretty racist, one of them is about chinese people should be pure white skin, and tanned and darken skin are unacceptable.

The storyline… you have to watch it yourself, it is pretty good as it portrayed what Malaysian are experiencing and I believe this is truly worth for local people to watch it because it is about unity among races.

The ending was pretty meaningful, it delivers a message that people should mix around with other races (be humble). This message clearly showed when he learnt how to make sambal from Malay, curry from Indian and then put it together with rice then rolled it with egg to create a mix cuisine.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Why study Accounting?

This is the question my lecturer gave to one of my classmate. Even though I didn’t given the opportunity to share with the class, I will just share it here.

Personally, I see accounting as a business language, also the key to business world. I don’t see a reason why people always think that people who study accounting should end up as accountant or auditor. However, I never think to become an accountant, but to do something that involve business, accounting is the fundamental knowledge that must be learnt before enter the world of business.

So, how accounting knowledge affects our life?

Well, we do know most people who do business will always look for the opportunity and therefore take advantage on people who know less about business language.

-For example, if you want to buy a house or a car, what is d best way to pay less interest? agent or businessperson will always suck your money as much as they can.
-Another example, if you are a taxpayer, what is the best way to reduce your tax payable?

Sometimes people feel unsecured with their earning activities because they never take account of their spending, or they don’t even bother to set a daily/weekly/monthly budget. This principal is similar to time management, where you allocate your time effectively, same as budget, where you allocate your money to things that necessarily to spend rather than wants.

-With accounting knowledge, I can see my financial position on the next few days and month.

I have done lots of business transactions and also in virtual world, I have experience more than 100 types of scamming tactics, but they never succeed to scam me because I manage to control my 7 deadly sins. The human weakness that fall on scam are the deadly 7 sins, which are pride, greed, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony and sloth. If you can control your 7 deadly sins, you can avoid it and go with the seven holy virtues, such as humility, charity, kindness, patience, chastity, temperance and diligence. At first, it was very hard for me to acknowledge the 7 sins until I realized it by myself in a hard way. Then I start to care and precaution at all the time.

This is my definition of 7 deadly sins:

Gluttony – For example, eating too expensively, when you can choose not to.

Greed – For example, material wealth, don’t jump into the bandwagon.

Pride – For example, never put yourself more important than everyone else or you will always work alone.

Envy - For example, what others have, you must have too. It is the most senseless and waste of resources to get what others have which you don’t even need it.

Wrath - described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. Which may caused by selfish or jealousy.

Lust - Never falls for appearance.

Sloth - Stop been lazy. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Skills and knowledge, both equally important

Frankly, I mean why do people always don’t believe I studying accounting and leadership but not photography or computer or cooking. Well, my answers always stay the same, these are my interests and my skills, and these don’t teach me anything about money. I won’t go far if I don’t take accounting, I mean, you have to master your money before you can make profit. As for leadership, it’s gave me the knowledge I always wanted, which is about how a successful organization made of, and to sustain in a competitive world today.

Some people might not know, but in accounting world, avoiding cost or get discount is a profit. If you want to make full use of your money, try budgeting yourself as tight as possible and you will see how much you can save at the end of the month.

There are significant differences when you hold lots of cash and few cash. As for myself, I have tried it before. If I hold less cash, I mostly think how I can make more from it, or what should I do to maximize it. It is always that moment I am eager to sell my skills for money, make use of surroundings and become more creative to cut cost as much as possible.

During my secondary school, I can turn 20 pages project become RM60, 9 pages for RM30, 1 drawing for RM6, and 3 months of my gaming skills can turn into RM350. The most expensive project I ever sold out to my classmates was RM90. Including numbers of DVD copies I sold during my last 3 years in secondary sch. So you might have questions how is the price set and who do I find. Well, when I have insufficient cash, I am totally feel differences of myself, it motivate me to sell myself. For customers, I always analyze and categories them, and I always sell to big wallet people. Whereas, the price is set by me, and I am strictly on my offer, I always tell them deal or no deal, therefore no negotiation was took place. From my previous earning record from online gaming, I earned USD35 per day continuously for 18 days, tats like RM120 per day. With that amount of money, I bought nearly RM600 of gaming gears, RM200 for my brother birthday gifts, RM1,200 for my Nokia mobile phone :) and lastly treats my friends to buffet to celebrate :D It gives me a great feeling when I used my own earned money to spend.

Even now, I always hold less than RM50 cash, sometimes not even RM10, if I have more than RM50, I always hide it somewhere I can’t see it. This is because the more I hold, there’s tendency I will spend it. I believe human mind is vulnerable, either you get persuade to spend or you see something and you get amaze by it, you will spend on it. That’s why credit card is not advisable to get if you can’t control your greed and lust because you will end up dying as a slave to money AND that’s not going to be you or me.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Activities in the past and present

When we are young, back in 6 to 12 years old, we use to do lots of activities with friends without worrying so much because we don’t take anything for granted. For example, playing hide and seek is costless activity that most of us grow up with. But now, when reaching teenagers or adult stage, everything needs money.

I will break up the parts:
Kindergarten and Primary School = play game tag at no cost
Secondary school = go for food in coffee shop to chit chat only cost RM1-2
College = Go to restaurant eat for chit chat cost RM10-20
University = Go to celebrate cost RM30-50

The question is do we need money to maintain or enhance friendship/relationship? YES!
Keep in touch with friends use phone/internet need money, go out will even use more money such as transport and foods. Even though I have reject countless invitations, sometimes it is so embarrassed to let people treats me because I have no enough money. In some cases, it is cheaper to find your old friends than getting a new friend these days.

Nowadays, more people want to become “friend” because of advantage they can get. Luckily, good friends will care about your financial status unlike some people who are inconsiderate about your financial problem and insist you to go out to spend money on activities.

All these can be summarize into 1 line:
No working > no money > no talk> no friends

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photography – A life change

Sometimes we never knew why we love what we are doing and yet we addicted to it without bother to know what the reason is. Relax and sit back, and ask yourself one simple question, how my life changed, before and after joining the photography world?
As for me, it opens a door for me to see and love the beauty this earth still has to offer.

Picture 1: Twilight alongside the river

Ask me, how many times I look into the sky and what time can I see the sun set, sun rise, twilight and moon. I never bother about it until I have my first DSLR camera. Seeing and catching the nature was so amazing and refreshing.

Before I own a camera, I am referring to a camera that allows you to have full control on your setting. I always thought it is pointless just to capture a subject with a phone because it just a picture, nothing special, but I bet for difference with DSLR or any other camera with megapixel higher than 8MP and manual setting. The feel and experience by observing the image captured was jaw dropping. Its feel like the color of the picture pop out the subject to be so life and real right in your eyes.

shuttlecock- set up
Picture 2: experiencing light from diff angle.

There is no end in photography, there is no limit to your creativity, subjects are in your surroundings, the room you are living can be your studio, and the sun can be your light source. All you need is press the shutter button and see with you own eyes.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I love pork

After few months away from pork, Today, I finally eat it, in the most delicious way that’s it.

Pork belly or known as 3 layers, also give you 3 different textures. Never forget the crispy skin, the tender meat, and lastly the juicy chewy melted in ur mouth.

I marinate it with apple cider, salt, pepper, sugar.

I don’t know why, but it taste great with honey, it was a great fusion.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sometimes in life, we can’t have everything at once, that’s comes the decision making process. Which will serve you better compare to others? So I came out with my own evaluation on what choice should I make.

Crumpler 7 Million
Why should I buy?
1. Can use it daily on any occasion.
2. More comfortable to carry it around.
3. Easier and faster to take out camera.
Why I should not buy?
1. I have a backpack.

Phottix Battery Grip + Remote
Why should I buy?
1. Lengthen the battery life.
2. Comfortable in vertical shot
3. Can achieve more possibility shot with remote
4. Camera looks more appealing
Why I should not buy?
1. Not a necessary.

YN 560 Flashgun
Why should I buy?
1. Create more possibility to capture impossible
2. Low light no longer an issue
3. Can increase creativity in images with light
4. Great pair with my external flash to become two light source
Why I should not buy?
1. Not often used
2. Consume lots of time to learn the techniques.
3. Extra weight and time needed to set up in each session.

Before the final decision, I have to find what situation I am facing rite now.
- I need time to do all assignments.
- I have less time for my hobbies.