Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sometimes in life, we can’t have everything at once, that’s comes the decision making process. Which will serve you better compare to others? So I came out with my own evaluation on what choice should I make.

Crumpler 7 Million
Why should I buy?
1. Can use it daily on any occasion.
2. More comfortable to carry it around.
3. Easier and faster to take out camera.
Why I should not buy?
1. I have a backpack.

Phottix Battery Grip + Remote
Why should I buy?
1. Lengthen the battery life.
2. Comfortable in vertical shot
3. Can achieve more possibility shot with remote
4. Camera looks more appealing
Why I should not buy?
1. Not a necessary.

YN 560 Flashgun
Why should I buy?
1. Create more possibility to capture impossible
2. Low light no longer an issue
3. Can increase creativity in images with light
4. Great pair with my external flash to become two light source
Why I should not buy?
1. Not often used
2. Consume lots of time to learn the techniques.
3. Extra weight and time needed to set up in each session.

Before the final decision, I have to find what situation I am facing rite now.
- I need time to do all assignments.
- I have less time for my hobbies.

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