Thursday, April 14, 2011

Continue or Stop?

As a university student of business school, I learnt few things that it surprises me. Eavesdropping or not, nowadays people are so reluctant to study once they are mentally weak or unprepared to face the failure. What are they thinking? Is it all about certificate they worry? Is it all about who graduate faster the matter?

Put everything aside, I myself once thought of giving up studying because I believe myself I can make more money if I take that tuition fees to fund my business plan. I have told my parents before and I really push my time and effort to work on the business plan. However, I changed my mind after some lecture from my uncle. I learnt something that I never thought of and it drive me to continue my studies till now. The question is not how good you can score in your studies, but do you have set of skills that can offer to the world. I believe skills do not refer to knowledge only but experience as well.

To be truth, I learnt more about myself and my surrounding better than the business course I studying right now. I not sure if this applied to engineer or other courses but in my case it does. The most important thing that I can learn beside the course I took is about dealing with people. Let’s just say you have group assignment, how you will do about it? What role you will you take? A leader? A Follower? A Motivator? The most important, how do you adapt to the environment you never been before? How do you deal with difficult people? Do you ever think of your own behavior can affect the outcome of the group performance?

Are all the above questions important to me? I will say YES! Can you learn from book? If not, where can you learn yet you can be forgiven if you perform poorly? There is no better answer than in University. Think of two situations! Trial/test and Real Life situation. Trial is meant to be forgiven and you can attempt over and over but it is different case if it is in real life situation.

As long you work in a group, either in presentation or writing report. How do you make the decision? How to reach consensus if there are certain arguments? Does everyone happy with your leadership or roles you took? I took a leadership role before, five members, four to be from different city, one is foreigner and we been ups and downs together, and I gained lots of experience from it. Significant event are when I have to make decisions and get everyone to reach a consensus. It is not an easy task for me as it is my first time; I have to take many responsibilities and take account of everyone involved. It is not about me, but WE as a Group.

To answers all above questions, you have to ask your teammates/group mates to give feedback about your contribution to the group and observe how they behave to you in return. There is one characteristic that will be dislike by most people, which is Arrogant. Everyone have strengths and weaknesses and I believe its hurt to accept the truth about your own weakness. In my case, I am glad to know my own weaknesses because I can work on it.

The best moment is when you shine. Everyone will notice you. Focus on your strength; acknowledge your own weakness and put attention to it, you may turn your weakness into strength.

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