Monday, April 04, 2011

Photo sharing websites


Good day everyone, as a photographer, I love to share my pictures and view on them anytime I want. Year ago, I registered account in each photo sharing website such as photobucket, imageshack, picasa, flickr and others that I can’t remember the name.

As a user of photo sharing online, none of them are more user friendly than Flickr. I still can’t forget the moment I register Flickr and play with it. It’s just so easy to set up and upload, what’s more! It’s had a large community and groups to join. With its interface, I fall in love with it until I reach the maximum limit of free account. I feel kind of angry with it because it limits my photos not more than 200 pictures, anything beyond will be unseen.

After few days of thoughts and experiments which photo sharing website should I purchase as my portfolio, without a doubt I choose Flickr.

My Flickr Account, bought it @ USD24.99 for 1 Year, no regret ever!

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