Friday, March 18, 2011

My new gear !! Strobist!

Hi guys, it’s been a long time I didn't update my blog due to my unplanned schedule and assignments that rush me all day long. I want to introduce my new gear that will change the way the photo looks and it is also the hardest tools to master. In photography terms, it is called strobist, which also mean off-camera flash.

Do you have problems with the harsh light or very flat photo when you shoot with your camera phone's LED or on-camera flash? Do you hate taking photo when the sunlight is too bright until the subject have too much shadow?. Well, it’s not a matter anymore if you can master the off-camera flash techniques with the right setting.

I bought this from a nice gentleman who turns up to be a secondary school teacher, part time lecturer on weekend and also a photographer with experience of 7 years. He taught me a lot of techniques I can achieve when I enter to the strobist photography world.

Off-camera flash photo.

Ok. I will lets the pictures do the talk. I run 2 tests for it.

Test 1:

This is normal exposure without flash. (look how bright is the light in the sky until the upper part of the plastic bottle color over exposed)

This is manual setting with off-camera flash. the colour just right

Test 2:

Both of this photos are without flash...look how under exposed is the subject when sunlight is in front of me.

This is using off-camera flash... I know it might not have good lighting but this is to show that sun light is not the limitation for portrait outdoor photo shoot :D
If you compare, this 2 have light on wall n subject while the above 2 actually Not.

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