Friday, November 28, 2008

I like my Moral Studies!!

Today my Moral Studies’ lecturer talks on topics that very interesting to me. It’s about Life Situation that everyone will face it for now and more after graduate. After the end of class, I have been in long thoughts to absorb what the lecturer try to deliver. It is about decision making in life, we have to make the decision with the consequences, good motive and justice as well. I like it when he compare between morality and religions. Example, if your loved one is in coma state, and suffering with the internal organs and doctor tell you that she can only live for another 3 months. Will you end her suffering because love you her or let her die naturally because you are Christian.

This situation comes with 2 possible actions, morality you think of her suffering and do you afford her to suffer for another 3 months? If u can press the life support button to end her life, she will be happier. But in religion example Christian, we can’t take another person life by ourselves because it oppose the God’s way and we shall not avoid suffering because Jesus dead was more suffering and he die innocently for us. So in the end, what decision will you made? If you choose religion, will you be consider as evil for her to suffer longer because you prolong her suffering, other members will oppose your decision as its take money as well. If you choose morality, it is the right decision to do but what if miracle happen the next day because medical technologies are getting advance day after day and will society look down on you because you not religious enough? There’s many argument in this but if the person only think of themselves only, there are mostly morality wrong.

This life situation will happen to anyone of us because everyone has loved one. It is only matter of time when will happen.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

summer semester

Lawl, this summer sem I taking was diff from the last time my cousin taken, first of all, why the hell attendance was so important, the lecturer are playing rules with us, can't simply in n out from the room for 1 hr+, ridiculous, I'm not adept myself to this newly rules they set for us. Between Malaysian n moral studies, I think moral studies is far better than the historical subject in Malaysian studies. This sems only last for 7 weeks, tats mean week 3 will be mid term exam.. lol crap, hav to learn v fast to past those exams coz v sleepy in classroom, lecturer talking all day long, no group activities also sienz.

Can't believe today my malaysian studies' lecturer lock the door while I outside with my friend Jie Chiek. Coz I only given 15mins as break time but I was late by 2 mins coz eating kuih swt >.< So in the end go his house and use my friend lappy to play.

Yes, this week many ppls rant about the Streamyx a.k.a Slowmyx freaking slow for the epicness for loading an image page.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ricky B'day party

Remember us from 5A Class (the famous for all) from Methodist Sibu year 2007. Even we are far apart as some of us are studying at Taylor and Sunway@KL, Methodist Pilley Institute@Sibu and me Swinburne@Kuching, we still get together and fooling around lolz. Too bad my other friend didn't turn up that night coz his parents didn't permit him to go. So what we do that night was juz randomly checking the host new house and lurking his computer pics. Then after the "finger licking good" food from Golden Happiness Restaurant and the birthday singing, we end up in a room playing UNO and blackjack cards. Somehow I been introduce to play a game that I can't rarely remember it, where the card are put at floor and the next player have to say A, then following by other player 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,K,Q then again n again. If the card u put is the same as other player say it out, then u hav to land u hand to the card, the last 1 gonna take all the card to his/her cardlist. Childish game and also its fun coz u accidentally land ur hand on top of female's hand XD.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bored at home :(

It was a busy day for the past few days when my friends bring me out go kai kai n see local luilui. Yesterday my friends bring me go eat sibu kampua kosong but cost RM1.90, so exp hell compare to Kuching kolo mee. sienz roti canai kosong also charge rm1.1 but nvmind lar bcoz spent time with friends is priceless.

Well actually before I plan to come back to Sibu, I wanted a party with my old classmates, and luckily someone birthday fall on thursday this week. So they invited me to join hahaha. I miss ma frienz :)

I'm playing TS2Online lolz. mainsite
Ya its in chinese,I'm banana, so I juz stupidly play this MMORPG becoz this gameplay is superb and Cute!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nice :)

I'm very satisfy with the sure-reach courier service because it is fast :)

My new OS - Ubuntu 8.10

New operating system, also my secondary OS, the interface and graphics is cooler and more user friendly than my Vista Home Premium SP1. Well I download it from its main site around 699MB then easily install, reboot then run update for all the component then install compiz then tata the superb OS!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

oh parcel where r u now?

Last wednesday I transfer funds to my seller using interbank giro(IBG). Luckily he received after thursday night. I think RHB Bank internet banking service is quite good because its only take 1 day, most bank take 2 days. So the next day he send my 3 gadgets through sure-reach courier service. I said why not Pos Laju? cheaper and faster. He told me that Pos Laju only good if within state,location. According to his routine business, he said that most of his customers who stay at Sabah/Sarawak, he will use sure-reach to send the parcel because only take 2-3 days, whereas Pos Laju my end up to 1 week. To clear my anxiousity, he give me the tracking details about my parcel, so I just need to wait till working day for my parcel to arrive. I hope it arrive before I go back to Sibu :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My wishlist

Cooler Master Notepal Infinite 4 ports (R9-NBC-BWUA-GP)
Logitech MX518 Gaming optical mice
Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

Those items haven't reach yet, but soon to be, its for my next gaming level, long time no gaming due to tight timetable in my foundation studies. I coming to play the games after my finals.
My PC games list:
The Witcher
Crysis Warhead
C&C:RA 3
FarCry 2
NFS: Undercover
Fallout 3

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yatta! kimochi :)

This morning, had eng exam. Don't want to think too much, I just do whatever I can, even though my hand start shaking when enter the exam hall, because is too DAMN COLD, my palm all red, hardly to write, but in the end, I feel good that I can do all of the questions.

After exam, I go climb wall again behind my uni, yes I know it may look bad if outsider see me as a swinburne student climb over the wall, but its fun, feel like mountain climbing.

Go to RHB bank to get a dotcom card, for internet banking purpose. yatta yatta, this is one of the advantages to be 18yrs old!!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Lazy Day

Tonight very cold because of breeze wind, I sleep all day long instead of doing revision for my finals, swt…I waste my time sienz.. Do u guys actually believe that every happiness come after suffering and pain? There’s no such thing as instant happiness where you don’t have to sacrifice anything to be happy rite? Because I always found out that most ppl always complaint this and that and say life is unfair for them to enjoy.. I believe this kind of ppl have a different meaning of happiness.

Why I think about Life is never fair? If it is fair, then they will not be challenging or obstacle or hardship for us to go through..Which lead to BORING LIFE in the long term. Everyone have their own purpose of life. How u get it doesn’t matter, but how much effort/time/sacrifice you spent in exchange does matter. Example, do you appreciate something you have put in effort for many years compare to a week? There are many doubts in life, and waiting for us to find out. Life is interesting because you will never know what happen tomorrow :)