Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Blogspot n facebook customize t-shirt

lol, actually I bought it from the forum. I like how the printing done, very nice.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Streamyx Lag as snail

Circuit faults slow down Internet

PETALING JAYA: Streamyx broadband users will have to bear with sluggish surfing speeds until March 5 due to technical problems, according to a statement by Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM).

The statement said there has been a disruption of TM’s Internet services since Feb 18 due to circuit faults on the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) between Malaysia and the United States.

Due to this, customers using Internet services may now experience slow browsing while accessing content hosted in the United States, said the statement.

Additionally, customers using Internet Protocol services such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other critical business applications linked to the United States may also experience some service degradation.

To alleviate the problem and ease the congestion, some links have been rerouted, TM said.


lol damnit, thats the reason I can't load facebook within a seconds but few minutes. Even online games got interupt from this lagging. Hope streamyx can improve the bandwith

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bandong Foodcourt - Sibu

Bandong foodcourt is the best place for BBQ seafood and fried noodles. Juz now went there for supper, order a lot of dishes like fried noodles, fried mee hoon, BBQ sotong, BBQ stingray and lastly satay!! and the stalls start closing after 11pm, so didn't finish the BBQ stingray fish because my tummy too full and "tapau" it away. Ya, I eat all of them, my mum and my auntie didn't even eat a small portion of it. So I just enjoy looking the scenery and cats while digesting haha, yes there r cute with big watery eye..

Dry Char Mee Hoon @ RM3


BBQ Sotong @ RM5

Dry Char Mee @ RM3

BBQ Stingray @ RM12

Closer view of the stingray's gravy

hai ther -.-


Surge Protector VS Lightning Isolator

I had been google around to find the best things that can against or block the nature lightning strike. But hey there’s no such thing that are more powerful and faster than lightning rite? But Belkin Surge Protector claimed that they can reduce the chance of our equipment from been lightning strike and will compensate them if they damaged. Who Cares, I want 100% and from my research, Cal Lab Lightning Isolator is the one of the most successful company that can guarantee 100%. Guess what, the inventor of Cal Lab is Malaysian and been awarded and recognize worldwide in 19th century. This is their url

If u google about Belkin Surge Protector, mostly you will find more negative comment about their effectiveness rather than protect…what a shame… Belkin only good in life time warranty, that’s why you will find their products quite expensive than others.

Why I looking for these? Because I want to protect my PC and modem lolz

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Best Beef Noodle you can eat in Sibu Town

One of the most delicious beef noodle in Sibu ^^ , I luv it man, been eating it for more than 10years and nvr get bored with it.

Taxi peng haha

The irresistible Large size hot beef noodle = RM3.50

The beef noodle stall open for more than 10 years++

Sunday, February 22, 2009

End of 2nd week in my online game business

Overall view
This week earning is not good because I got screwed (only 2 transactions made in this week), a lot of my gold farming accounts got banned for 30days, so no gold farming for few days till I make another :( (but I ady hav ready accounts, so I still can continue farm gold XD)

Very happy to chat with my friends till I think of another poem,

I want to be happy with you,
For you are part of my life,

You are the fuel of my life,
to keep me moving forward,
To achieve my dream,

You are the sunshine of my life,
Glow in me,
And I will navigate you to the wonderland.

Chicky hours XD

Yesterday went out with my friends and spend our last few days before I fly back to Kuching on 25th Feb to continue my uni life :D
Hav a nice Snack Plate + Zinger Tower Burger (not mood to continue to eat after opening the X-Meal box, but cannot waste it lol)

Ok I wouldn't type much here, let my N82's pics do the talking :P

Drive while texting, lolz

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nuffnang check arrived!!!

Hhaha, I'm so happy, this will motivate me to be more active in blog sphere. I love Nuffnang!

2nd week - First Pay in week 2

exactly at 12am, I got trade again ffrom the online game business thingy. Yea Monday on week 2 of my business. This time it is USD35 instead of USD30... haha good deal rite? just every 2 days I can earn USD35 :D

PS: don't bother the date, because his timezone and my timezone 13 hours different. The negative USD is the day I sold out USD for RM currency at forum :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Speedtest - how fast are you?

77 words

Typing Test

Saturday, February 14, 2009

End of this week - earning through Online.

My paypal account have 0 balance for now and I need to wait till next monday for another deal.

End of this week I earn total of RM384

Looking forward for next monday for a week 2 earning progress :D

Update: 11.06PM
Just now login my game, I saw this reply

This message tell me that he is Damnx3 RICH ASS KID, he never give up to buy from me but it is also a good news, I can have longer business term with him, thats mean that I don't have to worry much who will be my next buyer. Heh lucky to meet him as my ass

Update: 11.56PM
I have too many deals for the price of USD30 for 1 million gold, since the demand is increase, I will also increase the price of USD, how much? Well I not trying to rip of their real money but MY NEW PRICE OF 1 MILLION GOLD NOW IS USD35!!!
Convert to Malaysia money is From RM105 to RM122.50, about 16% increase. I have to do this because I never thought gold selling is such a good sell in online game. >.<

Buy clothes online

Blog T-shirt :D I come I see I blog

Facebook T-shirt :P Fakebook

This is the ready stock for blog t-shirt.

I actually order from sr_reyes from
Both cost me RM47 + postage to Kuching, Sarawak. But I need to wait till next month to get it because he will only send out at the end of February :D

Valentine's Day

Lol, a lovely dovey day, anyway hope u guys take advantage of the valentine day to surprise your partner as well as meltz her/him heart :D. Happy Valentine Day!!
Btw if you guys try to confess ur luv on valentine day, please remember that, even you give the most romantic/ expensive gift to ur partner, if he/she don't have feeling for you, you will just waste all the effort :[ .

But don't give up, because if you never try how you ever know the result? A words of wisdom, you will never know what you can do until you try. :D (ya, for 5A 2007 group sure know this words, coz I print in out in our class T-shirt)

Update: 2.02am
-Got deal again, USD30 from United Kingdom's player, but he said that he will email to me once he get her sis's paypal account to transfer the money to me. He ask me to reserve it for him and he will transfer to me tomorrow night. Which mean asking me to wait another 24hours. Lol, but anyway I can wait as long I get pay at the end of the day:P

Update: 8.10am
-I postpone my deal with the U.K. guy to monday since he delay to send the money to me first. So he agree to it and ask me not to worry about it. Then again the same guy from U.S. buy from me again when he received my call.

My email proof it he from U.S. even he got a "Korea" kind of name.

Look at the history page I show to u all, Soo Yong Lee from U.S trade me for every 2 days. Thats mean I earn USD30 every 2 days or RM100+ every 2 days. As you can see from the pic, there's a -30USD well kam hoe wong is a person from Malaysia who bought my USD30 for RM100. But I don't want to sell my USD for awhile as the currency rate for USD is getting higher every day, So I hope USD hit 3.7 rate then I sell my USD :D go OBAMA recover the economy!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Woot she said out my name in radio ~

Listen to , you can open it with windows media player.
Just now around 3pm-6pm I bump into her thread, and I tease her if she is the real DJ in the radio I'm listening. After awhile, she give Q section to her fellow readers in her thread.

The Question:
one day u go shopping with lots of friends... then u realise got one shirt very old style.. but ur friend take it out n tell u..." hey this is nice, wat do u think"

My answer:
What’s old for me, might be new to another person, some people are slowpoke at fashion, so I can't say you are old fashion, but instead if he/she like it very much I will not discourage him/her from buying/wearing it. We can't assume everyone have a same mind of thoughts.

Then she read it up as well as saying up my name :D zOMG. Luv this game

Who is she? hows she look? Click her blog here

Next section she will be on next Monday, 3-6pm. It's fun :D

Is this a blessing?

From today onward, I add more accounts into the games to get more resources. I just monitor my earning rate in virtual game. I have an average earning of 25k Virtual gold in 1 hour. 25k x 24hr = 600k per day.
If I open my pc for 24/7 thats mean I can earn as much as 4,200,000 (4.2M).
I have a lot of foreigner friends (mostly from United State) who start keep bugging me to buy it anytime cause they say my offer is too nice and affordable for them.
My offer was 1M=USD30, 2M=USD50. If I sold 4M for USD100 in a week. In 4 weeks (a month), I can earn USD400. That really good money if only I have GOOD STREAMYX LINE XD.

USD30x3.6=RM108 in 2 days nice to get tat amount within 2 days.
USD400x3.6=RM1440 in a month :D
But after a long thought, I rather sell 1 million at a time. So in a month = RM1620

Don't worry, I using legal way and I didnt spent all my times playing games, mostly I spent average of 3 hours to monitor the amount of earning as well as finding more U.S friends.

Start from today, count as Day 1, lets see if I able to earn RM1000 from Day 1 until Day 30.

I' been doing this last 2 days ago. Read my earlier post, u can see that I earned USD50 tat day and USD30 the next day. Guess what? I cash out both of them I got total of RM279 in that 2 days.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paypal !! I got another deal from game!

I register paypal because my friend from CA,united state want to buy virtual items again. So I register and give him my email address for further proceeding. Now I'm richer 30USD in my paypal account. :D I will sell my 30USD for RM100 to anyone who interested.
Guess what, you don't have to pay the transfer fee, ya exactly free and you can transfer worldwide same as Western Union. The only downside about this paypal are that we can't cash out instantly if we don't have US bank or the paypal card. So the easiest way to cash out instantly is to sell your USD to anyone who interested because many shopper like to shop at ebay with this paypal service.

Update: My 30USD sold out to one of the member in (Forum)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

I’m just lucky to be called just now because someone interested in buying my in-game characters. Even though I have playing it for a month, well not 2 months. The buyer is a female XD, from USA, ya I get to know a lot of foreigners. She agree to pay me USD130 for my offer. What did I sell to her? Its only 4 characters in-game which 3 Lvl 142 and 1 Lvl 159. I’m happy she will consider it but at the moment she can’t buy it yet because she have to pay the bills and told me that she gonna transfer the money to me via western union next week. I just have to wait to get the money then only I give them my virtual characters. :D

Below are our chat log: the name end with "ki" is the buyer, my name is erase out to keep it private and anonymous.

UPDATE: Wait! its not over..after 1 hour of that conversation, another buyer!!!! OMG!! I'm so lucky..thanks GOD!

Lets see USD130+USD50=USD180, after convert to MYR

My pocket money for nearly 2 months of playing MMORPG + Fun Chatting with them. Actually I got more to sell than the above but I keep it to grow more so I can maintain the in-game currency + my strategies to keep this buyer to come to me again.

I just went to CIMB bank to get my money :D RM179 for the sweat in 10 days. LOL big money.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Okie I wanted to share something related to this coming Valentine Day, actually I saw it in my Online game website, ya its weird but actually my online game celebrate Valentine Day too. It’s good for us who not going out XD I can celebrate it in virtual world n do anything random :D

1 rose represents - - in my heart there is only you
2 rose represents - - this world has only the two of us.
3 rose represents - - you're mine to love!
4 rose represents - - lovers until death!
5 rose represents - - my heartfelt appreciation!
6 rose represents - - mutual love and respect!
7 rose represents - - you're my secret love!
8 rose represents - - thanks for your endless support and encouragement.
9 rose represents - - Forever and always yours!
10 rose represents - - impregnable!
11 rose represents - - I only care for your love!
12 rose represents - - my love for you grows day by day!
13 rose represents - - friendship that lasts forever!
14 rose represents - - arrogantly!
15 rose represents - - I'm so sorry!
16 rose represents - - my undying love!
17 rose represents - - my love is beyond help!
18 rose represents - - with sincere wishes!
19 rose represents - - I endure patiently for your love!
20 rose represents - - my true, absolute and sincere heart!
21 rose represents - - sincere love!
22 rose represents - - I wish you good luck!
25 rose represents - - I wish you happiness!
30 rose represents - - We are destined to be friends!
36 rose represents - - romance!
40 rose represents - - I would fight to the death for you!
50 rose represents - - a true love found by chance!
99 rose represents - - for ever and ever!
100 rose represents - - 100% love 100% LOVE!
108 rose represents - - The truest love, 108 roses...I propose!
111 rose represents - - inexhaustible love
144 rose represents - - I will love you every day, generation after generation
365 rose represents - - A rose for every day of the year
999 rose represents - - a love without limits
1001 rose represents - - a love until forever

R u a romantic person to buy 1001 roses? What r u gonna make with 1001 roses?

yea a gigantic heart!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Chap Goh Meh ~

Tonight will be the last day of Chinese New Year, I used to forget what the meaning of Chap Goh Meh for some times until I had been taught it is translated from Hokkien dialect which mean “the 15th night”. Some folks say that Chap Goh Meh is the valentine day for them. Well, from what I taught back in the forum, they said that the female will toss the oranges into the lake and the desperate male will pick it up. Why? You think they dumb to wet themselves to pick it up? No, actually before the oranges been throw, the female will write their phone numbers or any contact details. This is because in the olden days, young women are not allowed to go out and tonight is one of the few occasions where young eligible women dressed to impress, were allowed to go out of their houses and perhaps find their future spouse.
However, that event aren’t so happening in my hometown, but I see that West Malaysia have this kind of event. Anyway who care that much, been single is still the best! :D

Friday, February 06, 2009 did it !!

Congratulation to for successfully running the advertisements by nuffnang's advertisement company. Those who visit my blog and click the ads are the most grateful for helping me earn XD
I’m very happy for this because it is not a joke or prank companies that trying to take advantage on bloggers but actually helping bloggers to earn some pocket moneys/ extra income. Hell yeah!! My 1st check from nuffnang, luv ya…!

My impatient...

My payment check from email...

Juz a small amount RM53.25. Everyone can get better than that, just that I don't have much motivation or schedule to attract more readers/visitors, but if you interested in it, we can form a group and run it together and earn more than RM53.25 a month.

A demographic graph:

I'm certified Exclusive Nuffnanger, What it is? Look below for more details: