Friday, February 12, 2010

Cafe Cafe nom nom nom

first of all, thanks to K.han for treating me to cafe cafe.. I appreciate it and as usual we will try something new every time we went there...

nyonya rice, my friend order it, the rice very fragrant n got small size shrimp in d rice :)

curry rice, very nice, and completed with fruits to cool down the spiciness.

as usual, this is great 1

dissapointed, wont order it for 2nd time because I thought they gonna use fried meat ball or something but turn out to be minced meat..not nice

again, it is my friend's d order, doesnt look appetizing aside from the sambal, the rest is juz common in all dish

this salad is terrible and sadly to say that the potato does not even boiled well, so hard to nibble it...the salad dressing is even worst, cant c much salad cream around it aside the diced spud. wont recommend both salads to any1 n no more 2nd time for that salads :S