Friday, January 29, 2010

Ai FM Live in Sibu + Foooods

oh..Ai FM live concert in Civic Centre,Sibu but I not really excited because I don't listen to the radio everyday. Since my friend, Khan have the ticket for the concert, and he invite me to accompany him, y not to give a try to watch those radio cast.
Luckily, be the 1st 500 person entitled to get free table calender with their camwhore picture all over the page..yea my friend and I got them coz we came earlier and join the crowd.

After that, we went to Cafe-Cafe again to have our late supper.. o.. damn I will admit it.. it is the best cafe in Sibu after "Uncle Dom" and "Baba and Siam". Timothy, Khan and me order so many super delicious and great food

Monday, January 18, 2010

Special Monday

First of all, Happy Birthday to my Father, he is 60th today and this year coincide with his zodiac, year my father is year of tiger :)

Can't figure out what to buy for my father since I'm still a student. I just try to make my own recipe for this spring roll / popiah.

Spring Roll, you can purchase at most supermarket cold storage. Mine cost RM3++

2 gloves of chopped onion

Spud or potato

Diced sausages and surimi (imitation crabmeat)

Boiled potatoes that cut into many slices

A pack of mixed vegetable

Heat the wok and add oil then fry the chopped onion until golden brown.

Let the picture speak for itself :D

Before you add the diced potatoes, dimiss the boiled water from the pot and add ice cube to cool down the temp or if you have iron hand like me, just grab it with bare hand and start peeling the outer later skin and chopping into dice XD

That’s it, the filling for spring roll, the rest just follow the instruction given at the back of the spring roll heh

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lunch at Baba and Siam

I would like to say that this Baba and Siam Cafe (Facebook) hav good taste of food and excellent presentation which it is the most important. why? because not everyone want to have messy food even though its taste great. My friends and I order mee mamak, rice ...(cant remember), chendol ice, rocky mountain icecream, and mango.

I forget to take the pic of mee mamak but I can say that it is really big portion (can serve 3 ppls). Taste wise, I don't like at all, prefer prawn added into it to give a kick to mee mamak.

Next time I return to Baba and Siam, I will most likely to try other menu. Love the garnished to the max!!!!XD Seriously, the atmosphere quite good in there coz of the renovation and decoration.

mango dessert, presentation bring up my appetite

My friend, Khan order it, forget the dish name and the rice is really big portion and nice curry chicken drumstick XD

I love this "rocky mountain ice cream. delicious and nice presentation