Monday, March 09, 2009

Dine @ Country Court

Tonight dine @ Country Court at Westmoore, Rock Road. I like the worker who greet customers and open the door for you, feel like respected customer XD

I can said that the restaurant crowded with groups of people and families because the dishes are more to home cook type. So that’s mean the cost aren’t expensive.

Ok here the pics:

Special Monday

It’s Monday and happens to be the day for Prophet Muhammad's Birthday. So it is federal public holidays today and I’m slept the whole morning till evening lolz.

My father called me early in the morning to remind me to pick up “something” that he will deliver through bus. So just I answer ok..ok..ok..Ok then continue Zzzz….

At 3.30pm went to bus station with my neighbor uncle, the bus no yet arrived >.< , so go there 2nd time at 4.45pm, luckily the bus arrived and my box was there for me to pick up XD .

I was wondering why the worker didn’t ask me for IC or signature for verification for some security reasons, but seem they didn’t ask I just walk away with my box before someone snatch my box.

On my way to bus station I manage to snap 2 photos of “Four Points by Sheraton Hotels”

muahaha noodles! I like to make kampua/kolo mee

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Delightful Breakfast

Have my morning breakfast @ kopitiam behind GreenHeightsMall, very occupied during morning because it serve variety of dishes like dim sum, laksa, chicken rice, kolo mee and the famous Teksi Peng

Friday, March 06, 2009

Eat-all-you-can food outlet @ Kuching

Tonight have my dinner outside, went to the food outlet near newly established “Four Points Hotel”.
The outlet name Yuan Wei BBQ Steamboat (open 5.30pm-11.00pm) and beside them is another same kind of business, wonder how they compete for customers since they open the same kind of foods servicing. The cost of Adult RM18 and Kid RM8. What I like about it are the foods are kinda fresh than the last time I eat b4 at somewhere else but for the drink you have to pay separately lolz. I ate 2 plates of black pepper chicken/beef/lamb :P

Thanks to my Jie Foo for treating me XD