Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photography – A life change

Sometimes we never knew why we love what we are doing and yet we addicted to it without bother to know what the reason is. Relax and sit back, and ask yourself one simple question, how my life changed, before and after joining the photography world?
As for me, it opens a door for me to see and love the beauty this earth still has to offer.

Picture 1: Twilight alongside the river

Ask me, how many times I look into the sky and what time can I see the sun set, sun rise, twilight and moon. I never bother about it until I have my first DSLR camera. Seeing and catching the nature was so amazing and refreshing.

Before I own a camera, I am referring to a camera that allows you to have full control on your setting. I always thought it is pointless just to capture a subject with a phone because it just a picture, nothing special, but I bet for difference with DSLR or any other camera with megapixel higher than 8MP and manual setting. The feel and experience by observing the image captured was jaw dropping. Its feel like the color of the picture pop out the subject to be so life and real right in your eyes.

shuttlecock- set up
Picture 2: experiencing light from diff angle.

There is no end in photography, there is no limit to your creativity, subjects are in your surroundings, the room you are living can be your studio, and the sun can be your light source. All you need is press the shutter button and see with you own eyes.

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