Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy CNY (Day 1)

1st Day of CNY, wake up early in the morning to attend the church. After back from church, feel like weak and no motivation to go for collecting Ang Pao, so continue my sleep till my friend call me to come over my house to steal ang pao… haha and they bring 6 peoples, but o coz it is my friends from 5A class 2007. Its bring back the sweet memory for me as it has been 2 months since we hav gathering.

After my friend come over, and they invite me to join their Collecting Ang Pao Expedition..XD tsk..tsk..joke. It was fun and adventure bcoz we raid ppls house lol. I go into my friend house and he show us his damn big house with 3 floor, man the 3rd floor was so good and cooling…wish I got tat floor even though my 3rd floor is above the roof top haha..

The last house we visited is our math teacher, we are like from one end to the other end. Actually our group consist of 9ppls and 3 cars after more n more ppl join us. Damn paiseh go ppl house without proper greeting but rush to the toilet coz cant hold anymore haha…man..luckily the house got 3 toilets or else we pee in our pants hahaha.

Then my friend fetch me home, feel more motivate to hav a 2nd day of ang pao expedition…ahaha

Picture of my ang pao that I collected in Day 1

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