Tuesday, February 12, 2008

PCDVD [BioShock]

This game goosebump me hella many times, this is the only game I cant continue playing it coz really scary ya' know. I will play it when I got good mood or else I will get heart failure lol. I no yet finish this game therefore I will not rate it 1st till I finish it. Maybe coz of the undead corpse and the sound of whispering around the corner make u feel their existing but actually they are not. Sometimes,they poop out in nowhere to giv a good face2face with u...lol I hate tat situation the most.
This game graphic is hella uber cool, but I only able to play it in medium setting coz high setting will make my it hang then screen turn black =.=
The Most creepy shooting game I ever play in my life, even Half-Life not that creep.

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