Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

I’m just lucky to be called just now because someone interested in buying my in-game characters. Even though I have playing it for a month, well not 2 months. The buyer is a female XD, from USA, ya I get to know a lot of foreigners. She agree to pay me USD130 for my offer. What did I sell to her? Its only 4 characters in-game which 3 Lvl 142 and 1 Lvl 159. I’m happy she will consider it but at the moment she can’t buy it yet because she have to pay the bills and told me that she gonna transfer the money to me via western union next week. I just have to wait to get the money then only I give them my virtual characters. :D

Below are our chat log: the name end with "ki" is the buyer, my name is erase out to keep it private and anonymous.

UPDATE: Wait! its not over..after 1 hour of that conversation, another buyer!!!! OMG!! I'm so lucky..thanks GOD!

Lets see USD130+USD50=USD180, after convert to MYR

My pocket money for nearly 2 months of playing MMORPG + Fun Chatting with them. Actually I got more to sell than the above but I keep it to grow more so I can maintain the in-game currency + my strategies to keep this buyer to come to me again.

I just went to CIMB bank to get my money :D RM179 for the sweat in 10 days. LOL big money.

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