Friday, February 06, 2009 did it !!

Congratulation to for successfully running the advertisements by nuffnang's advertisement company. Those who visit my blog and click the ads are the most grateful for helping me earn XD
I’m very happy for this because it is not a joke or prank companies that trying to take advantage on bloggers but actually helping bloggers to earn some pocket moneys/ extra income. Hell yeah!! My 1st check from nuffnang, luv ya…!

My impatient...

My payment check from email...

Juz a small amount RM53.25. Everyone can get better than that, just that I don't have much motivation or schedule to attract more readers/visitors, but if you interested in it, we can form a group and run it together and earn more than RM53.25 a month.

A demographic graph:

I'm certified Exclusive Nuffnanger, What it is? Look below for more details:

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