Friday, February 13, 2009

Is this a blessing?

From today onward, I add more accounts into the games to get more resources. I just monitor my earning rate in virtual game. I have an average earning of 25k Virtual gold in 1 hour. 25k x 24hr = 600k per day.
If I open my pc for 24/7 thats mean I can earn as much as 4,200,000 (4.2M).
I have a lot of foreigner friends (mostly from United State) who start keep bugging me to buy it anytime cause they say my offer is too nice and affordable for them.
My offer was 1M=USD30, 2M=USD50. If I sold 4M for USD100 in a week. In 4 weeks (a month), I can earn USD400. That really good money if only I have GOOD STREAMYX LINE XD.

USD30x3.6=RM108 in 2 days nice to get tat amount within 2 days.
USD400x3.6=RM1440 in a month :D
But after a long thought, I rather sell 1 million at a time. So in a month = RM1620

Don't worry, I using legal way and I didnt spent all my times playing games, mostly I spent average of 3 hours to monitor the amount of earning as well as finding more U.S friends.

Start from today, count as Day 1, lets see if I able to earn RM1000 from Day 1 until Day 30.

I' been doing this last 2 days ago. Read my earlier post, u can see that I earned USD50 tat day and USD30 the next day. Guess what? I cash out both of them I got total of RM279 in that 2 days.

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