Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Surge Protector VS Lightning Isolator

I had been google around to find the best things that can against or block the nature lightning strike. But hey there’s no such thing that are more powerful and faster than lightning rite? But Belkin Surge Protector claimed that they can reduce the chance of our equipment from been lightning strike and will compensate them if they damaged. Who Cares, I want 100% and from my research, Cal Lab Lightning Isolator is the one of the most successful company that can guarantee 100%. Guess what, the inventor of Cal Lab is Malaysian and been awarded and recognize worldwide in 19th century. This is their url http://cal-lab.com/

If u google about Belkin Surge Protector, mostly you will find more negative comment about their effectiveness rather than protect…what a shame… Belkin only good in life time warranty, that’s why you will find their products quite expensive than others.

Why I looking for these? Because I want to protect my PC and modem lolz


Elvin said...

have you bought your CL-LI yet?

syawal said...

right on. i've buy and currently using it at home for computer and modem protection. my computer's is more valuable than my television set.