Saturday, February 14, 2009

End of this week - earning through Online.

My paypal account have 0 balance for now and I need to wait till next monday for another deal.

End of this week I earn total of RM384

Looking forward for next monday for a week 2 earning progress :D

Update: 11.06PM
Just now login my game, I saw this reply

This message tell me that he is Damnx3 RICH ASS KID, he never give up to buy from me but it is also a good news, I can have longer business term with him, thats mean that I don't have to worry much who will be my next buyer. Heh lucky to meet him as my ass

Update: 11.56PM
I have too many deals for the price of USD30 for 1 million gold, since the demand is increase, I will also increase the price of USD, how much? Well I not trying to rip of their real money but MY NEW PRICE OF 1 MILLION GOLD NOW IS USD35!!!
Convert to Malaysia money is From RM105 to RM122.50, about 16% increase. I have to do this because I never thought gold selling is such a good sell in online game. >.<

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