Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another day of me~

Alright this early morning I started a topic in one of the MMORPG forum that I participated, while I’m the topic starter to against the company who run the whole game, I did brag a lot of things to drag down their reputation. I even got warn not to bring it any further but I just did what I feel right. What a shame, I’m right at my stance because my topic is open to invite the admin/staff/moderator to read and reply to my thread not others who trying to flamebait me... damn mofos. Luckily I’m not been ban, because I try to keep cool myself not to replying those message. It’s been a long time I not using vulgar words to insult them, but I just don’t want to feel like childish to start which have no ends and meaningless argument to start with.

ya its related to those who like to argue in the internet XD shame on u, u still a retard!

My appreciation poem

Pour water into my mug,
hand to me for I’m thirst,
Feel the warmth when I hold,
Because I have been missing you all,

No cold I longer felt,
Because you believe me,
For you keeping my existent,
For I’m barely known,

No world can turn before you,
because you can make a changes,
turn desert into grassland,
thank you for everything.

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