Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Lol, a lovely dovey day, anyway hope u guys take advantage of the valentine day to surprise your partner as well as meltz her/him heart :D. Happy Valentine Day!!
Btw if you guys try to confess ur luv on valentine day, please remember that, even you give the most romantic/ expensive gift to ur partner, if he/she don't have feeling for you, you will just waste all the effort :[ .

But don't give up, because if you never try how you ever know the result? A words of wisdom, you will never know what you can do until you try. :D (ya, for 5A 2007 group sure know this words, coz I print in out in our class T-shirt)

Update: 2.02am
-Got deal again, USD30 from United Kingdom's player, but he said that he will email to me once he get her sis's paypal account to transfer the money to me. He ask me to reserve it for him and he will transfer to me tomorrow night. Which mean asking me to wait another 24hours. Lol, but anyway I can wait as long I get pay at the end of the day:P

Update: 8.10am
-I postpone my deal with the U.K. guy to monday since he delay to send the money to me first. So he agree to it and ask me not to worry about it. Then again the same guy from U.S. buy from me again when he received my call.

My email proof it he from U.S. even he got a "Korea" kind of name.

Look at the history page I show to u all, Soo Yong Lee from U.S trade me for every 2 days. Thats mean I earn USD30 every 2 days or RM100+ every 2 days. As you can see from the pic, there's a -30USD well kam hoe wong is a person from Malaysia who bought my USD30 for RM100. But I don't want to sell my USD for awhile as the currency rate for USD is getting higher every day, So I hope USD hit 3.7 rate then I sell my USD :D go OBAMA recover the economy!!

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