Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Streamyx Lag as snail

Circuit faults slow down Internet

PETALING JAYA: Streamyx broadband users will have to bear with sluggish surfing speeds until March 5 due to technical problems, according to a statement by Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM).

The statement said there has been a disruption of TM’s Internet services since Feb 18 due to circuit faults on the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) between Malaysia and the United States.

Due to this, customers using Internet services may now experience slow browsing while accessing content hosted in the United States, said the statement.

Additionally, customers using Internet Protocol services such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other critical business applications linked to the United States may also experience some service degradation.

To alleviate the problem and ease the congestion, some links have been rerouted, TM said.


lol damnit, thats the reason I can't load facebook within a seconds but few minutes. Even online games got interupt from this lagging. Hope streamyx can improve the bandwith


Baby said...

how come i can load facebook?

DaViD said...

does it take times to load the page? Maybe u got better IP address, mines all lag swt :(