Thursday, June 19, 2008

To you my friends...

I was doing revision... but I can't feel the warm, the environment, I can't feel the way I doing revision back in Sibu. My friends used to phone me for the difficulty they can't solved, even midnight we still try to solve whatever in the questions. I feel bad because I can't help them this year...I feel as I'm betraying them...I wish to have a group study like the past we always do. I believe this is part of my life, I have to sacrifice or get used to move on.

So I write this poem to express my feeling.

We are so near,
Yet we can’t seeing each other,

I remember we laugh together,
For the laughter joke we share,

I remember we cry together,
For the things we done,

I still remember the moment we together,
But it was all in the past,

I was not alone,
I hope you too,
Even we not seeing each other,
I hope you remember me,

All I want to say,
Is thank you for the time we spent,

One day I wish we can have a reunion party,
Like the party you made for me the day before I left,

That night, I was touch, and I left my tears,
Because I will go somewhere hardly for us to meet again,

So I make this poem to show I sincere to you my friends,
The memory will stay forever.

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