Sunday, June 22, 2008

Feel Happy =)

The winds are strong,
The leaves were many,
But the one I want,
Was missing somewhere else,

I was here,
Lend my shoulder,
For you to cry,
For you to feel comfortable,

I was here,
Lend my ears,
To listen your problems,
To lessen your problems,

I was here,
To surrender myself,
To protect you,
From any encounter,

Life without love,
Are meaningless and dull,
Together with you,
We can live happily.

I write this poem right after I come back from church. Today father talk about relationship between life and love. I was touched and that’s how I wrote it.

Last Night, my best friend from Sibu phone me, he ask me about which position shall he join, between monitor and prefect. I said to him that the chances don’t come twice and you must appreciate it. I told him, if you think you like to be it and the points it’s very important, then why not become prefect. He told me, monitor get 1 pt but prefect gets 6 pts, then it is worth to join.

Even though sacrifice will be necessary and the task maybe by folds, but this is life, no shortcut, if you want be success then you have to grow through life not go through life. Meaning you have to learn and learn throughout your life not stuck at the same things over and over.

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