Saturday, June 21, 2008

Exam soon...preparation still in progress 2 more days...this coming monday... feel happy the day has come, but time was short for me to revise XD... I always like this, only got study mood when exam very near. Haiz, I hope I can change my attitude.

Today morning, I got another nice poem, reflect my past.

A tree was there,
But was cover with grass,
As tall as me,
I can’t see the direction,
But I can smell the route,

I ask help from heaven,
To lead me there,

I reach there,
But I see a man,
With its destroyer tool,

I was there,
I feel cold,
Cover with fear,
Stood long there,

Second thoughts,
I was here for something,
And I must do before dawn,

Right or wrong,
Atleast I try,
Success or failure,
Atleast I try,

In the end,
I pass,
How about you?

Fight ur own fear to surpass urself or else there’s no improvement in character.

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