Saturday, June 14, 2008

A song in my heart

Wake up at 10am and my heart is full of happiness..Don't know why and how its happen..but I juz so happy till my heart sing a song...

It must be love that time is so precious,
It must be love that I must be successful,
It must be love that I must stay healthy and strong,
It must be love that make us live longer,
It must be love that memory start to happen.

Without love, I can't even know my time was so precious,
without love, I don't have motivation to wake up,
without love, I don't even care about others,
without love, my life will be boring and there's no reasons for me to live longer as my heart feel emptiness.

I miss you, because the scrabble in my mind always spells your name
I miss you, cause my heart beats faster when I do


haha ..damn it...I don't know what happen to me..I'm insane..must control myself............

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