Thursday, June 19, 2008

Been insult by words...its hurt...

I’m in pain yesterday…why must be me…why me…I’m so down..!!! T_T …So disappointed…please don’t simply say anything till hurt others feeling. You are a good man, I fully respect you, I attend your class despite the environment in the class very boring… I sat in front because I eager to listen and pay more attention… when you conduct Q&A section, I try my best to answer it. But why you lower people’s motivation to learn…I begging you please don’t discriminate or insult people. You may not know about it but you have just destroy my day…my mood…my… >,< You are an old man, caring, resourceful person, I just hope you can changed…

Today morning, after wake up feel no motivation to attend eng class due to yesterday matter. But I realize I been stupid to take it seriously what he said yesterday. I got answer from my own thought…even though the words are poisonous…we must try to forget it or else it will slow down us. Yep…I’m happy because I back to normal

I'm writing a poem...can be meaningful or meaningless =)

I see and I greet you,
I was there when you teach,
I sat down quietly,
I slap myself to stay awake,
Because I wanted become a good student.


You summon a lightning,
And struck my heart,
Despite the pain I suffer,
You take it like nothing happen,
But I take it seriously.

I was down,
Sat alone in the corner,
Flashback of your words,
I been poisoned by you,


Early morning,
I hear a voice,
The voice of my heart,
My heart sang a song,
to cure the poison,

I’m fine now,
Have no intention to blame you,
It was me to be sensitive,
I’m happy I know more about myself.

All I want,
wanted you to change your attitude,
I'm your victim yesterday,
But I don't want my friends to be one,
I can't afford them to be one,
As one is part of me.

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