Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thanks God!!! Today is a SURPRISE

Wow…I’m so happy many good events happen today. First of all I would like to thanks to God for giving me a good day.
What I would like to talk about its XPS M1330. Before the new promotion pop out…I pray to God to give the best promotion that suite me…I’m thinking of either graphics card upgrade…or WLED screen or processor or ram or 3 years warranty.. BUT it come out 9 cell battery upgrade !!!!. I’m not angry or whatsoever but I’m so happy that God give me a good promotion…the reason I say this because.. 9 cell battery allow me to use laptop more longer than a ordinary 6 cell battery. Before I choose XPS I’m scare that my laptop won’t last long during lecture time because I read the reviews about XPS drain battery life quite fast because of LED screen and graphic card performance. After my consideration, it’s true that this is the right promotion for me to wait, because no matter how powerful are the processor and graphics card, I won’t be able to use it if the battery life ended. I’m happy because this upgrade actually worth RM646. YES its so MUCH more than I expected…today surprise for me…thanks God!!!

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