Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm in trouble,mess,sadness...I feel so tired..

I have assignment to hand-in. Innovation and Change group powerpoint to prepare and presentation for the IT and english...yet my dream laptop will be extend for another week.

I feel tired because..I have to go computer lab everyday to do my work..I have to feel sad because I can't chat with my friends that I miss alot... What to do..How to do...

God please help me T_T I was about to feel tired day after day by this phenomena. My heart was hurt..feel angry...

However I believe in my fate that my desire can't change because I always fight for it..even with my body injure, I still have strong will to fight to the end. Afterall, I can't run away but to break the wall that infront of me. Thats make me can't give up my hope.

But I'm happy again after eating the sweetness of ice cream in Dessert Boulevard Mall
RM6.50 for triple cup, quite a worth =P

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