Monday, November 03, 2008

Lazy Day

Tonight very cold because of breeze wind, I sleep all day long instead of doing revision for my finals, swt…I waste my time sienz.. Do u guys actually believe that every happiness come after suffering and pain? There’s no such thing as instant happiness where you don’t have to sacrifice anything to be happy rite? Because I always found out that most ppl always complaint this and that and say life is unfair for them to enjoy.. I believe this kind of ppl have a different meaning of happiness.

Why I think about Life is never fair? If it is fair, then they will not be challenging or obstacle or hardship for us to go through..Which lead to BORING LIFE in the long term. Everyone have their own purpose of life. How u get it doesn’t matter, but how much effort/time/sacrifice you spent in exchange does matter. Example, do you appreciate something you have put in effort for many years compare to a week? There are many doubts in life, and waiting for us to find out. Life is interesting because you will never know what happen tomorrow :)

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