Thursday, November 27, 2008

summer semester

Lawl, this summer sem I taking was diff from the last time my cousin taken, first of all, why the hell attendance was so important, the lecturer are playing rules with us, can't simply in n out from the room for 1 hr+, ridiculous, I'm not adept myself to this newly rules they set for us. Between Malaysian n moral studies, I think moral studies is far better than the historical subject in Malaysian studies. This sems only last for 7 weeks, tats mean week 3 will be mid term exam.. lol crap, hav to learn v fast to past those exams coz v sleepy in classroom, lecturer talking all day long, no group activities also sienz.

Can't believe today my malaysian studies' lecturer lock the door while I outside with my friend Jie Chiek. Coz I only given 15mins as break time but I was late by 2 mins coz eating kuih swt >.< So in the end go his house and use my friend lappy to play.

Yes, this week many ppls rant about the Streamyx a.k.a Slowmyx freaking slow for the epicness for loading an image page.

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