Friday, November 28, 2008

I like my Moral Studies!!

Today my Moral Studies’ lecturer talks on topics that very interesting to me. It’s about Life Situation that everyone will face it for now and more after graduate. After the end of class, I have been in long thoughts to absorb what the lecturer try to deliver. It is about decision making in life, we have to make the decision with the consequences, good motive and justice as well. I like it when he compare between morality and religions. Example, if your loved one is in coma state, and suffering with the internal organs and doctor tell you that she can only live for another 3 months. Will you end her suffering because love you her or let her die naturally because you are Christian.

This situation comes with 2 possible actions, morality you think of her suffering and do you afford her to suffer for another 3 months? If u can press the life support button to end her life, she will be happier. But in religion example Christian, we can’t take another person life by ourselves because it oppose the God’s way and we shall not avoid suffering because Jesus dead was more suffering and he die innocently for us. So in the end, what decision will you made? If you choose religion, will you be consider as evil for her to suffer longer because you prolong her suffering, other members will oppose your decision as its take money as well. If you choose morality, it is the right decision to do but what if miracle happen the next day because medical technologies are getting advance day after day and will society look down on you because you not religious enough? There’s many argument in this but if the person only think of themselves only, there are mostly morality wrong.

This life situation will happen to anyone of us because everyone has loved one. It is only matter of time when will happen.

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