Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bored at home :(

It was a busy day for the past few days when my friends bring me out go kai kai n see local luilui. Yesterday my friends bring me go eat sibu kampua kosong but cost RM1.90, so exp hell compare to Kuching kolo mee. sienz roti canai kosong also charge rm1.1 but nvmind lar bcoz spent time with friends is priceless.

Well actually before I plan to come back to Sibu, I wanted a party with my old classmates, and luckily someone birthday fall on thursday this week. So they invited me to join hahaha. I miss ma frienz :)

I'm playing TS2Online lolz. mainsite http://ts2.runup.com.my/
Ya its in chinese,I'm banana, so I juz stupidly play this MMORPG becoz this gameplay is superb and Cute!

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