Sunday, November 09, 2008

oh parcel where r u now?

Last wednesday I transfer funds to my seller using interbank giro(IBG). Luckily he received after thursday night. I think RHB Bank internet banking service is quite good because its only take 1 day, most bank take 2 days. So the next day he send my 3 gadgets through sure-reach courier service. I said why not Pos Laju? cheaper and faster. He told me that Pos Laju only good if within state,location. According to his routine business, he said that most of his customers who stay at Sabah/Sarawak, he will use sure-reach to send the parcel because only take 2-3 days, whereas Pos Laju my end up to 1 week. To clear my anxiousity, he give me the tracking details about my parcel, so I just need to wait till working day for my parcel to arrive. I hope it arrive before I go back to Sibu :)

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