Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ricky B'day party

Remember us from 5A Class (the famous for all) from Methodist Sibu year 2007. Even we are far apart as some of us are studying at Taylor and Sunway@KL, Methodist Pilley Institute@Sibu and me Swinburne@Kuching, we still get together and fooling around lolz. Too bad my other friend didn't turn up that night coz his parents didn't permit him to go. So what we do that night was juz randomly checking the host new house and lurking his computer pics. Then after the "finger licking good" food from Golden Happiness Restaurant and the birthday singing, we end up in a room playing UNO and blackjack cards. Somehow I been introduce to play a game that I can't rarely remember it, where the card are put at floor and the next player have to say A, then following by other player 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,K,Q then again n again. If the card u put is the same as other player say it out, then u hav to land u hand to the card, the last 1 gonna take all the card to his/her cardlist. Childish game and also its fun coz u accidentally land ur hand on top of female's hand XD.

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