Friday, January 16, 2009

What is your relationship with the money?

I read the article about saving your money in this 21st century. Well I just read till half of it and I want do some review which is very true in this 21st era.

-A company isn’t your friend
ex: A company’s job is to make money; it is NOT there to help you, it is NOT your friend. They spend billions on advertising, marketing, and teaching their staff to sell; all to make you part with your cash even when you shouldn’t!

-Debt, The terrifying truth
ex: The companies rip you off by interest and you will be paying more if you take longer time to repay them.

-Loyalty is for losers: how to be a savvy shopper
ex: loyalty is never rewarded; we are consumer, we always looking for the best deal.

Well you can read more in details, which took me few hours of good reading, it change you to be more alert of what you will doing with the money. Money can bring death as well as happiness, it’s all about how the users use it.

You can download it or read it there, but I prefer to download it because it is worth, who knows?

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