Friday, January 23, 2009

Red Cliff 2 is in D cinema OMG ~~!!!

I Fking love this movie, not because it is red cliff but because it is based on the famous novel "ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOM" , in short "ROTK". I love to read it and I follow the story, its not just about the fighting but the sacrifice of hero and the super strategies used in the battle. If u follow the story of ROTK, either in novel or animes u will sure love this Red Cliff.
I start to love it since I'm Form 2, when I first start read the comic version of ROTK I just can't stop it, its just too interesting and addicting, then I play all the game based on ROTK story then I even play Online game based on ROTK. Its just similar and I feel so great to be the part of the story. I can say this is the best novel and also my 1st novel that I finish it. No joke, BEST STORYLINE EVER!!!
Everyone know the sworn brother Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei and the most intelligent in battlefield Zhuge Liang.

I need to watch it but nobody want accompany me, guess they aren't interested in it.

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