Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two Different Worlds

Why I dislike people who make statement about getting “As” or “HDs” is important as your future. Because of this statement, many students tend to suicide for failing to get the so called GOOD LIFE IN THE FUTURE. Can you differentiate between a life experience and knowledge from book? The different are life experience stay forever and knowledge from book stay in short period. So don’t think a Good future lie in the knowledge of book. Yes they can bring good future, but just a matter do you want a better than Good? Always remember one thing, there’s very big different between life experience and what u gain from book.

What I think about knowledge is just a guideline to me; it’s never a fate to me that I need to apply in my life. I never think getting 100% marks in exams will bring good future, because knowledge from book is dead and if you using a dead knowledge in your life meaning you never improve in life later.

That’s why I can conclude that a book smart person who always gets 100% marks in exams will have hard time in life when going out for work because it is two different worlds. This is because they thought that getting 100% mean they gain completely full knowledge about the subjects. But wait!! Can you remember what u learnt the years before? Can you get the 100% again for the last few years’ exams? Can or cannot? They will understand after they realize it, if not they only become an office boy who can’t get promote (normal worker).

If you want to be a businessman, you must know 2 things, Book Smart and Street Smart. What I trying to say for this statement is based on my knowledge not other sources. A Book Smart person has the basic knowledge of business and they can do well in life but they SCARE OF TAKING RISK because they only do what they learnt in book and they want a 100% in return. A Street Smart person will have hard time in Business World by few years but they tend to learn fast by themselves because they are curious and risk takers. They will not make a statement about the 100% thing because they think broader to avoid uncertain event.

I am saying this because I’m piss off one of the worker who works as a counter in bank. I been waiting 30mins before my turns, and all he does by answering my question is “I don’t know about this DotCom card, please call RHB in KL for help”. I was in hell when he replying to me, I’m sure this is not me and many will come after me to ask the same questions but why a person like him can’t even tend to learn to help the company? Why people like him don’t even want a company to release his existent? Does he want to get promote and more salary? If I was him, I will learn it to gain more knowledge and I hate the words “I don’t know”. We live to learn and make people around happy and the existent of our effort in world. I know every people who work hard want to get acknowledge so they will feel appreciate.

Don’t take too serious about my post, because that what I think not a 100% statements. I’m very sorry if my posts are getting insulting.

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